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Hello Everyone!

No, there server is not up. The past 2 weeks have been packed with decision making in terms of the leadership as well as the development of Cheesium. I know a lot of frustration has been caused by this constant delay and it's true that it's a hype killer, but even worse is not keeping you updated on what is going on behind the scenes.

When we were initially planning to start off several weeks back, the server was, well, a compilation of default plugins that supplied the most necessary features that are needed for Cheesium's gamemode. I was planning to have that in oppose to straight away using the actual custom plugins just because they did have their limitations and were not fully complete feature wise. Just last weekend, I met with Burf and Cheesy, doing a small showcase of what I've got so far, except this time - with the new plugins that I've been working on for Cheesium. Besides several minor bugs here and there, it actually looked...
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Hello Everyone!

I believe the first question that comes up right now is

"Well, wasn't release suppose to be last Friday? is the IP different or something?"

The simple answer to that is yes, release was originally planned for last Friday and no, unfortunately, we were not able to launch the server due to several reasons, the main one being that iCheesy was not being responsive, which I will get to in a few sentences. The second reason is that believe it or not, not everything relating server plugins was complete.... and that's perfectly fine, because the first map that we are going to launch will be a beta map. Do not worry about the content, all core features are complete and the map will start off with some neat improvements in contrast to the old Cheesium as well as our precious gamemode with item spawning madness.

Regarding iCheesy, I'd like to first mention that I was almost convinced that she had backed out of this, without even informing me about it. I was "this"...
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~~~It's been a long time, without you my friends. And I'll tell you about it... NOW.~~~
So what's up?
A Cheesium member (@Reximian9k) and I recently got in touch. Not only does he want to bring Infinite back to life, but also revamp our baby as well! His speaks of a new idea for Cheesium. This is what he has mentioned:

"So, Item spawning, it's basically what cheesium is known for. Before, you could spawn nearly anything you want, really. To balance that out, I have added sort of a "capping" system to how many things you can spawn at a certain time period

Basically speaking, I have introduced "Power" to the /i command
The values that I'm going to include are temporary, just for an example as to just the big ideas are currently set up

So to spawn an item, let's say Stone, would cost 2 power points per item. Pretty self explanatory how that works. A player, say would have 3000 power...
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Since Cheesium is basically over / (or really ?) just wanted to get out of the closet about who I really am..