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  Infinite is back!
Posted by: Snorskan - 01-23-2015 10:53 AM - Replies (5)

Infinite is back

After a week of Box Madness, Infinite has been fully reset and is now back, with new improvements and perks!

New features include:

- Restricted creative mode; no more duping, no more abuses!
- New skirmish dueling system! 100% fair 1v1s.
- New warps
- Revamped donor perks (ex. VIP now has access to command /invsee)
- New kits/revamped kits, both for premium and non-premium members
- Cool new PvP zones
- End is now a full PvP zone and may be used for enderpearl farming, and nothing more!
- 25,000 * 25,000 world border in the normal world.
- 15,000 * 15,000 world border in the Nether. Borders added to promote raiding.
- Items like sharpness Xs will be distributed only in administrator-hosted tournaments (the only person to get one will be the winner)
- Other fun plugins and neat commands

OH and


Enjoy. Also if you have any comments / suggestions about the reset or just Infinite itself, feel free to post them here or make your own topic.


Also congrats to our winners of Box Madness, PiezillaAJ (First place), OneShot291(Second place), and Gman101202(Third place)

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  Name Changing
Posted by: Snorskan - 01-18-2015 05:00 AM - Replies (5)

Name Changing

If you have heard about this, than you know it's true. If you haven't, you should know Minecraft will support name changing. According to them, this begins February 4th.

Cheesium will also be supporting name changing; however we do have some exceptions. If you change your name to anything insulting, whether that would be a simple number or a word or phrase, you will be punished (banned) until you can change your name to something else, which happens to be once every 30 days.

Examples of this include:

<player>isAfag, <player>isAretard or any other from of discrimination, racism, or insults towards a particular person or group(s).

Also, if your name is inappropriate, you may be banned (depending on your exact name). Server administrators are the only ones who may judge your name and punish you.

Read the full article here.

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Wink Cheesium UPDATE
Posted by: Chloe - 01-12-2015 04:33 PM - Replies (20)


This will last for 7-10 days, have fun!

After a few days of doing things, fixing things, removing regions, adding regions and so on.. I'm glad to announce that we have the BOX MADNESS up! :D

This time, box madness is not so op. You are limited to certain enchants which can be found in the spawn (opposite of where you spawn). Pvp will be fair and equal. No one has an advantage over anyone else. The box is smaller as well. Bedrock and enchant tables are disabled. Bedrock is disabled to allow people to leave spawn without getting blocked and to allow you to raid bases if there is any. Enchant tables are disabled for the obvious reason. The box resets every 30 minutes and can be changed to an hour if needed! Now on to the stuff that everyone wants to know..

There will be a prize for the top 3 people with the most kills.. The prizes are:

First Place: Custom (worth $100)

Second Place: Superior (worth $75)

Third Place: Elite (worth $50)

Good luck to everyone participating!


Most of the staff are currently fixing up infinite, like removing bugs, changing the spawn etc. We'll hopefully add some new stuff to keep everyone happy. :D

Pretty exciting if you ask me. If you have any suggestions for Infinite, comment them! :D


Yeah, I got Mortalis up.. I feel pretty proud. *high fives self* Anyway, Mortalis will hopefully be up in the close future. I won't give too much away but I'll just say it won't be too alike to the old Mortalis..



If you have any suggestions for Infinite or Mortalis, comment them and if you have found and bugs on Box Madness, also comment them.

Have fun! :D


EDIT: Thank you to all the staff members who helped out, much appreciated. :)

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  Infinite - UPDATE
Posted by: Demmy - 01-09-2015 02:40 PM - Replies (6)

UPDATE................. Sadly, the server could be down for a week. We don't know at the moment.

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  What's going on now. (Q and A)
Posted by: Demmy - 01-06-2015 02:01 PM - Replies (17)

Well lately, Lots of things has been going on. Such as Staff resigning, and iCheesy passing down Ownership. As you know now, the new owners have came in to help Cheesium. Happy

Now the things you wonder:

Q: Is the server ending?
A: No.

Q: Are things gonna change?
A: Maybe.

Q: Will Mortalis ever comeback?
A: Yes, Indeed. (Yay)

Q: Will infinite ever be rested?
A: Yes!

Q: Is staff available to apply in?
A: Yes, (Read iCheesy's post
for format.)

Q: Is a new spawn coming?
A: Yes.

Q: Did icheesy resign, and who are owners?
A: No, he just stated he will not be online much. He is still an owner. The owners of Cheesium are icheesy, Chloe, Snorskan, and Txboy.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~UPDATES CAN BE MADE ANYTIME TO THIS.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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