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Since Cheesium is basically over / (or really ?) just wanted to get out of the closet about who I really am..
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Hello guys. I don't want to go on and on and bore you about the details of college life, so I'll just say this right away.

First off, I'd like to apologize for the months of downtime on Cheesium.
I'm sorry I let you guys down. But please understand my reasons for why Cheesium cannot really continue.
1. It's no longer sustainable to host a DDoS protected, 16 gb server with only 5-6 active throughout the day.
2. I don't have the time to manage Cheesium.
3. No one I've seen has the drive, time, or capacity to manage Cheesium.
4. Currently no funds for advertising.

Unless someone can offer a solution to these issues, I'm sorry I don't think Cheesium will be back.

I am here to answer any questions and to eat up all your built-up cheese! :p
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:Spongeblock:Greetings All!:Spongeblock:

Many of you are wondering why the server isn't up. Sadly, icheesy was late on many payments as well as our host wasn't very supportive in some areas. Due to the late payments they canceled our servers and we lost all of our files & data.
This happened some time ago, due to real life events I haven't had the time or in a rush to post this thread.

Sadly I didn't have access to the payments to host, which was a mistake since I was always on and could have easily paid for the host.

Anyway, I sent a email to icheesy on 7/22/2015, I also sent a bump email on the 7/31/2015. To this day, I haven't had a response :(

So with that being said, I resign. Not because I hate Cheesium or anybody within the community, because of the server downtime & problems that sadly I have no control over. Many of the...