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  Halloween Faction Tournament
Posted by: Snorskan - 10-29-2014 01:46 PM - Replies (10)

Halloween Faction Tournament

The scheduled date for this tournament is November 1st, 7 P.M. EST. Equivalent to November 2nd, 7 A.M., Australian Time Zone.

≡ Check back for possible date changes. ≡


First Place - 8 Sets of Protection IV Unbreaking III. 6 Stacks of Bedrock. 4 Stacks of Enderpearls. 5 God Swords. 5 God Bows.

Second Place - 6 Sets of Protection IV Unbreaking III. 4 Stacks of Bedrock. 3 Stack of Enderpearls. 4 God Swords. 4 God Bows.

Third Place - 5 Sets of Protection IV Unbreaking III. 3 Stacks of Bedrock. 3 Stack of Enderpearls. 3 God Swords. 3 God Bows.

≡ Only the Primary Team members will get the prizes. Substitutions do not get prizes unless they are moved up to the Primary Team. ≡

Tournament Set Up

The tournament is hosted by Chloe and Snorskan.

• Factions will be randomly selected to duel other factions.
• It will work just like a 1v1 Tournament, except you'll be fighting team vs. team.

Frequently Asked Questions

As the faction leader, do I have to participate?

- No, it is not required that the leader participates.

Who can sign up factions?

- Only the faction leader and faction officers are permitted to sign up your team.

How does the Primary Team and the Substitutions work?

- The Primary team is the team that will be competing in the tournament itself. The substitutions only take effect when the tournament is about to start and you're missing at least one member of your Primary Team. Note: You cannot substitute ANY players after the tournament begins. Also, if you're missing a Primary Team member, the first substitution on your list will take his/her place.

If I die but my faction wins the tournament, do I also get the prize?

- Yes, you do.

What's the maximum amount of players my faction can compete with? Minimum?

- Your faction can select from 1 - 5 members to be in your Primary Team. You have a choice of adding in 10 substitutions, or none at all, to substitute if one or more of your Primary Team members are offline.

Can I use the loot collected from people my team and I have defeated?

- Yes, you may use any loot collected from defeating other players in the match.

Tournament Rules & Regulations

• Any type of potions are allowed, debuffs or not.
• You are not permitted to teleport anyone into the arena.
• You are not permitted to combat log in the area.
• You are not permitted to access your player vault and/or enchant items in the arena.
• If you are spectating, you are not permitted to jump past the spectating glass.
• Sharpness enchants and Power enchants above 5 are not permitted.
• You will receive armor and weapons, and you are not permitted to have more, even if you supply yourself.
• If you are not online by the time the tournament is scheduled to start, you will be disqualified.
• Factions cannot have more than 5 participating members in the arena and are not permitted more then 10 substitutions.

≡ Failure to comply with the Rules & Regulations will result in an immediate disqualification. If you are a spectator and violate the rules, it may result in a ban until the tournament is over. ≡


Faction Name:

Primary Team Members:

Substitutions: [10 Substitutions Maximum]

I verify I am the faction leader or faction officer signing up my faction: [Yes/No]

I verify I have informed my faction members on the rules of the tournament: [Yes/No]

Faction Name: CheesiumTeam

Primary Team Members
1. <Name1>
2. <Name2>
3. <Name3>
4. <Name4>
5. <Name5>

Substitutions: <0-10>

If you don't message Chloe or Snorskan in-game or sign up here, you will not be permitted to participate!

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  Cheesium News | 20/10/14
Posted by: Chloe - 10-20-2014 10:19 PM - Replies (6)

[Image: PSke0gZ.png]

Hello, it's Chloe, the Head-Admin. I'm giving you a update on what has been happening lately.

|| Infinite ||
[-] We had an amazing, new, halloween themed spawn for all you guys! (Pictures below... Do note that these pictures were taken when the spawn was not fully done) But some horrible person/people had to go and grief it. (Someone changed the build flag to allow)
[Image: HGheC8g.png]
[Image: rWqOzTd.png]
[+] The cheese games was disabled due to the farming of the swords. This'll allow a fairer battle in pvp. #GoNoobs
[+] I've thought of hosting a pvp tournament or maybe a faction tournament soon for halloween. So that'll be fun. :D
[+] Disguises have also been disabled due to a bug where you can crash people.

|| ❤Mortalis❤ ||
[-] Dead, as usual. ;) #GetMortalisUpOctober2014
[-] Chloe misses Mortalis. :(

[Image: BcVVtE3.png]

|| Other ||
[+] Staff: Good job lately, try catching some more hackers though. ;)
[+] Special thanks to Pat233 & core619 for doing a great job at being staff, they resigned sadly the other week. Thanks for helping us. :)

If you have any suggestions, please reply to this thread or make a new thread under 'Infinite or Mortalis!' It'd be great hearing from you.

-Chloe | Head-Admin ≧^◡^≦

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  1.8 :D
Posted by: Chloe - 09-03-2014 10:11 AM - Replies (6)

Wooooo! 1.8 is out!

We have one problem though. If you use 1.8, and open an enderchest, you MAY crash! Just a small warning...


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  Cheesium News 9/1 WEEK
Posted by: icheesy - 09-02-2014 08:24 AM - Replies (8)

Cheesium News 9/1 WEEK
[Image: PSke0gZ.png]

I hope everyone enjoyed free VIP week!
You can reaccess your PV if you donate for any rank. We put out a coupon for those looking to donate (see above!)
The Cheesium players seemed pretty happy with the VIP perks :P

## Random Updates ##
We have added some awesome commands to Cheesium!
One of which is the /1v1 command, coded by me :P
This is this current command list:
[Image: pFSbSD0.png]

We have also added a Random Teleportation sign, checkout the RED T at spawn!
Click it to randomly teleport away from spawn
[Image: JYftzHI.png]

I've also blacklisted some more CombatTag PVP commands (/repair, /home, /pv, /clear, ect). Message me if any more commands need to be blacklisted.

## Ranks ##
Check out VIP for example
[Image: ijcUOTn.png]
We've added instant items, instant EXP, and instant everyone exp for anyone who purchases or upgrades their rank.
For those who've already purchased their rank, you can upgrade and get the instant exp/everyone exp.

Along with the Instant EXP/Everyone Instant EXP/Instant items....
We've added:
VIP+ ---> /time day /weather
MVP+ --> got Silk Touch
Elite+ --->pstack CD to 20 mins
Superior+ --->/head and /spawner
Custom+ --->/tpaall
Legend+ -->still has /i anything :P
CEO+ --> still has Creative / Gamemode 1
Admin+ --> has a few staff commands. You need staff permission to use them for now.

## Faction War ##
Faction War is the same thing as a Faction Tournament
We will be having one Faction War every month.
Why only once a month? We would have more time to get organized and we would limit how many Sharp 7s go out.
I will announce when the next Faction War is.
For future Faction Wars, we will have a signup list, with 5 participating members TOTAL. The STAFF faction (not actually all cheesium staff) totally dominated because they had way more players than any other Faction.

Oh yea, the results of the September 1 Faction War?
*Staff faction won.

The other factions: TheDevYoutube, Moist, and Paradox lost.
TotalPVP and a few others weren't online when we started (sad).

During the end of the War, winjw7 and CJCasper holed up in a bedrock house. It took 50 TNT to blow down that house and later kill those 2 little pigs (get my reference? Happy).

winjw7 getting chased by the big bad Staff faction:
[Image: 7FD75a2.png]

Winners of the Faction War (Staff faction):
[Image: cNPLYiC.png]

## Future ##
- AGAIN, /EXP WILL REMAIN BLOCKED. Donate if you want a bundle of exp!
- School starts for me on Wednesday. I will not be able to come on as much (NOOOOOOO!!!)
- Since I would not be able to come online as much, I would ask for you guys to donate so that I could purchase some high quality Cheesium advertisement. I really want us to hit 100 players (we hit 70 a bunch this week!).
- The Cheese Games is undergo further development by winjw7. Something went wrong with the Sept 1 cheese games (sorry about that!), and we will have a more improved version of The Cheese Games... featuring things like /cg join and an AutoRun arena.

Other Servers
Moratalis will hopefully be back this week
That is my #2 priority, #1 being Infinite!
Your ranks will save on Mortalis

Final note:
I'm sad to see many of the staff leaving :( But we still have to move on, and we can't sulk over the past. Now that our playerbase has expanded, we're looking for more Moderators / Helpers on Cheesium.
If you've got what it takes to staff on the crazy server Cheesium, apply today on the Forum.

SPEAK! Hate something? Love something? POST YOUR THOUGHTS!

Weekly Player Analysis
[Image: N6zDSry.png]
Although it doesnt say... YES WE DID HIT OVER 70 PLAYERS!
I knew we could do it guys :P

Aussie population is still pretty bleh though (Chloe, get more of your Mates on oi!)
If you want us to hit even higher numbers, donate so we can purchase more advertising material (gogogo!)!

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  Faction Tournament
Posted by: icheesy - 08-30-2014 03:04 AM - Replies (11)

Faction Tournament

MONDAY, 5 pm EST, 4 pm Central.

Why are we postponing? We need at least 6 factions signed up.. NOW WE HAVE 6!

Refresh this page to update the Countdown picture.

[Image: ?end=2014-9-01+16:00:00&amp;dark=1]

Faction Tournament Info
Fight head to head against the biggest baddest factions!

Each Faction would be spawned in a their own hut. After the 30 second countdown, every hut will vanish, and the battle begins.
Faction members cannot hit people of the same Faction or people of Allied Factions.
For The Winning Faction: Each member left standing (of winning Faction) each receives 1 Sharp 7 sword.
(So if 3 people from faction Surge are left in the arena, those 3 people are the only ones who each get one Sharp lvl 7 sword.)

#1. All commands are blocked except: /i, /f neutral, and /f c
#2. No glitching out of the arena. Everyone who enters the arena, dies, unless they are the last ones standing
#3. When down to the final battle between two factions, they would need to /f neutral each other to finish the fight.
#4. However, Factions may /f neutral another Faction anytime during the fight

How to Sign Up your faction

If you are a Faction owner, reply to this thread and signup your faction!

Every Faction Member is participating except the ones specified.
Contact your Faction Owner if you want to chicken out.

Reply To This Thread with this FORMAT:

Faction: (type here)
Faction Member(s) not participating: (type here)

I verify I am owner of this Faction [ (yes or no) ]

Current Join List (must have at least 6 for the tournament):
TheDevYoutube -- Leader winjw7
ShipShrekt -- Leader PreUsedSoaps
DirtisCool --bunchyboo2
Paradox -- Snorskan
TotalPvP -- pat233
Vendetta -- xPlayfuulx

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