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:Sponge: Hello Everyone!! :Sponge:

Just a quick post to let everyone know that the Cheesium Hub is now open :D

OrePvP will be getting released soon

If you have any connection problems with any IP or client, please PM me

Useful Commands:
/Glist - Shows global list of players connect to each server.
/Server - Use this to switch between servers.
/Ping - Check your ping .

Special thanks to Sanctanimus & ScientificGamer for building this amazing Hub.

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OrePvP Is coming back!!! :eek::D

Hello everybody, this thread will be dedicated to the return of OrePvP

As many of you know, Infinite isn't doing he best :(
Due to the big fact that it's to easy, unlike OrePvP where you get some help (Ore Mine)
but you still have to create a base, get XP to enchant and still have that legit survival feel to it.

So that being said, OrePvP will be returning VERY Soon.
Thanks to you guys suggesting and taking part in the poll that was put up a while back.

Now as like Infinite we need your input into what should be added or removed for OrePvP,
Since we cannot use the same map or keep it exactly the same, there needs to be
things added to balance it out and make it more fun. (Anything added will be bonus, meaning there extra things that will help you if you choose to use them)

OrePvP has already started being created, Idea's have been thought and have been tested.
An idea I really want your guys input is...
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:Spongeblock::Spongeblock: Hello everybody Burf here, :Spongeblock::Spongeblock:
As you know I promised to add voting into Cheesium.

I'm here to gladly tell people that don't already know that
you can now vote on Cheesium for Money and a Crate Key. :eek: :D

Not only does this benefit you from getting
Rare Items | Money | Kits | & More
It benefits us as a server.

From your voting it helps us to climb the ladder
on the advertisement websites.
Which helps us grow as a community. :love:

There are current 10 voting links.
Type /Vote into game for this message.
Most of the sites will have a 24 hour cool down, to when you
can vote again.

Once you click on each site, you need to put your IGN in then do a Captcha then click vote.

Once you clicked Vote, It may take up to 10 Seconds for this broadcast to show up.

You then /Warp Vote
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:Sponge: :Sponge: It's time for a update on Infinite :Sponge: :Sponge:

I've been asked A LOT "When will Infinite be out!?!"
The answer is still Soon :p

icheesy and myself have been working very hard on Infinite to ensure that it is the best it can possibly be. We are taking a while, yes, but time is needed
to make a server, with no bugs/errors/problems.

However! We are extremely close to releasing Infinite for you all,
a release date will not be given out as of yet. (*cough* probz this weekend)

We've decided to let you in on some of the new features/changes
and some screenshots of the new spawn & of other things.
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Hello everybody,

As most of you know we are currently working on Infinite.

We've asked for your guys suggestions and thoughts, it's time for you to vote on what you'd like to see in Infinite.

Click on this thread and make sure you're logged in to see the poll!
NOTE: There will be a entire Update thread about all the new features and changes that have been made. That thread will be out once the features you vote on have been added.

Thank you all for viewing and voting :love:
More poll options may be added. If you think anything should be added post below.
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Hello Everybody!

I'm TheBigBurf101, I've recently been promoted to the new owner of Cheesium. More information out the ownership will be discussed soon.

In this thread I will be addressing what the current state of Cheesium is, and what's in store for the near future.

I have a goal to get Cheesium back on track, it's something that isn't going to happen instantly, but over a slow period of time Cheesium will be getting developed, and with help from you guys (The community) we can make it amazing.

We are hoping for a fresh start, this is the reason for our new website and host that will be coming very shortly. Cheesiums had some bad history in it's time, and I will be reaching out to certain people to apologize for any harm Cheesium may have caused in the past, it’s up to them if they want to forgive Cheesium.


Yes Infinite will be returning! Woo Hoo!I